Agent 99’s Voiceover Trends for 2017

Voiceover Trends for 2017

2016 has passed us by and we’ve already begun embracing the new year. A new year means new changes and the voiceover industry can expect a lot of that. So, what’s new in the voiceover industry in 2017?

Well, let’s take a look.

More Multilingual Audio Content

Caption and subtitle became more accessible in 2016 because of the major developments that boosted online video streaming. We can expect something similar to occur this year with regards to multilingual audio streams. A good example of this would be Netflix, which offers audiences the option of choosing between multiple audio streams. Audiences even have the option of accessing audio description tracks.

Dubbing is predicted to be a standard practice in the entertainment industry now.

Online Videos Will Lead Localization

Like the past few years, marketing will continue spreading onto online platforms. Research has already showed us that social media platforms are taking over conventional platforms such as print and TV. This isn’t likely to slow down in 2017 either. Social media will have more viewers and therefore, a larger marketing budget.

According to the US Digital Marketing Forecast (2014 to 2019), published by Forrester Research, the expenditure towards digital is expected to grow by 35% by the end of 2024. On the other hand, conventional media platforms are likely to experience a decline.

The growth in digital will also have an impact on voice-over pricing considering that the audiences are larger. 2017 Trends Report

According to the 2017 Trends Report, published by, we can expect major changes with regard to the popularity of certain advertising mediums and communication types. For example, the report has found that there will be a drop in the app market. Around 48% of surveyed individuals felt that most apps they used were not relevant to their field of work.

The report has also predicted a trend involving the growth of bilingual communications, especially within the U.S. Around 21% of surveyed individual from the media industry have stated that they have begun producing more bilingual scripts.

On the whole, the report predicts a rise in content creation, marketing campaign measuring, optimization of digital user experience, and cultural diversity. Market localization and viral content will continue to have a steady presence. However, print media and apps will likely see a drop in popularity.

The data for the 2017 Tends Report was collected through focus groups, telephonic conversations and e-mail. The respondents came from diverse backgrounds such as content creation, business, voiceover, the C-Suite, and advertising etc.

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