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From read styles to copywriting trends through to production techniques—these are are my top 5 voice over predictions for 2016.

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  1. High demand for online video voice overs.
    Digital video is no longer just the domain of YouTube. We will continue to see new options for creating and consuming video content—particularly via the various social media platforms and mobile apps.

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    And according to Forbes, Google is finally incorporating video ads into its search results. This means brands can use a more engaging format that is better targeted via use of keywords. It is also more economical using a cost-per-click pricing structure.

    Expect to see online video popping up everywhere and as a result, more and more voicing requests for this format.

  2. ‘Conversational’ voice overs aren’t going anywhere.
    The convo read request has been on-trend for some time now. But this year, also expect copy that will better support a conversational style.

    One-way, hard-sell broadcast messages are losing their effectiveness. Trust in traditional info sources is diminishing. Authenticity is key. See it expressed through testimonials, case studies and real-life style copy.

    And as advertising becomes more user-centric and the goal is for shares and likes—engaging content is critical. Think content marketing, storytelling and creative that provides solutions to problems.

    —all perfect for a conversational style read.

    Check out this great real-life, content marketing video from Verizon:

  3. Voice for the audience, not to a read style.
    Today we can segment and target audiences in ways like never before. Social media allows us to group audiences based on demographics, interests and life phases (such as dating, marriage, having kids, retiring). While wearable technology (including fitness trackers and smart watches) are relaying very specific geographical, lifestyle and health data.

    Marketers and advertisers are capitalising on this ability and in turn, ads are becoming more targeted. Expect increased voice direction based on audiences—age groups, socio-economics, occupation, lifestyles and interests. With different versions of the same ad to target various customer cohorts.


    Source: Facebook for business

  4. Putting the ‘acting’ into voice acting.
    It’s not all advertising. The rise of virtual reality and popularity of role play gaming will really call on those acting chops.

    CES 2016 is all about the virtual reality and competition in this space will be fierce this year with headset offerings from Playstation and HTC being showcased at the event. There is word that several content production companies are announcing VR titles and franchises even before headsets are released.

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    While voice acting in games has really ramped up—with titles such as The Last of Us, the Batman Arkham series and GTA more than worthy of a mention. In terms of voicing opportunities, while there are celebrities lending their voices to gaming titles, actors are also finding fame in their respective games—take Uncharted’s Nolan North for example.

  5. Increase in instructional voice overs.
    With the rise of virtual assistants like Siri and Cortana, we are certainly not adverse to having a voice tell us where to go (in the nicest possible way). Instructional, explainer and how-to videos and eLearning will continue to gain popularity this year.
    1. Expect more ‘virtual’ help options embedded directly into websites. Audio helpers. Screencasts. Virtual guides. And they all need a voice!

      Clear, friendly, informative voice overs will be in high demand in 2016.

    What are your voice over predictions for 2016? Let me know via the comments section below!

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