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Are passions Flexible?

Are Passions Flexible?

‘Flexible Passions’ is the Key to Overseas Career Success: Psychology

The latest study by Psychologists has revealed that the key to Overseas Career Success is having flexibility for passions. There is immense pressure on fresh graduates and professionals to identify the ‘Dream Job’. This implies a career that you value and are passionate about.

However, at times, everything does not fall as per our plans. The career that you pin your future happiness does not prove to be equally fulfilling.

Yale-NUS College and Stanford University Psychologists have said that such feelings arise out of the idea of fixed passions in life. Some people are flexible to develop fresh areas of interest and expanding skill sets. Meanwhile, others are rigid with a defined area and reluctant to explore beyond, as quoted by the Study International.

A student with fixed passions realizes that in real passion is a black and white myth. While managing their finances as a business intern or creative freelancer, they are saddled with jobs beyond the job description. Thus, the feeling that their career is going beyond fixed passions can make them feel at loss.

The fact of the dynamic job market today is that positions are rarely confined to niche responsibilities. Automation evolution in the workplace is rewriting the job market now.

It has been estimated that 85% of the jobs that will be present in 2030 are yet to be created. This is as per DELL, the tech powerhouse. Thus, there is a risk that the passions of students could die out in the changing scenario. This is especially for those with fixed passions and struggling to explore beyond.

The report encourages students to accept a mindset of growth. This is accepting the ability of everyone to learn passions and interests. It discourages to view these as innate ideas.

Being flexible instills students with the elasticity to adapt to an unpredictable and dynamic economy. This will also enable to think out-of-the-box for their industry.

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